Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Smithmas!

Well, the Christmas Chaos is in full throttle- the whole fam is in town, cookies are in the oven, snow is falling, and the presents are mostly all wrapped. (Oh, I take that back. Snow was falling) I just love any excuse that gets the whole Janet-clan together :) And if that's not good enough, we get to have Jay's family in town this weekend, so we're surely busy.

We couldn't wait to give the Frog his Christmas present, so we already opened it for him. It's the famous Bumbo! Sadly, they only had 2 left at Baby's R Us, and they were both pink, so our little man will have to prove his feminine security by using a pink seat. I think it will be good practice for later.

The Frog has been mighty busy at other things as well. Nanny gave us some wrist rattles that I never really used much because he didn't really get that all his flailing was making that rattley noise, so I figured, what's the point? However, I discovered that if we strap them to his hands instead of his wrists, he enjoys sucking on their faces (one's a monkey, the other an elephant) without having to constantly hold on to them. (i.e. without me having to constantly stick them back in his hands) so that's been pretty fun for him.

Probably the most exciting thing, though, is today he finally pushed up on his hands!! I think it may have been a fluke, though, because we tried to get him to do it again, with my camera hovering, and he never did it again. Got close though... You can see him last week in his red sweatshirt, and then today in white. Maybe he's saving it for a Christmas present :)

PS Happy Birthday Joseph Smith!

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