Sunday, July 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my dad's birthday, lucky guy. I know my dad won't see this, but my mom probably will and hopefully she'll pass along the message-

Happy Birthday Dad!

I always thought 7/11 was a great day for a birthday. Anyone know if 7-11 still gives away free slurpies on 7/11?

Anyway, my mom and dad are officially on their missions in Chile as of today! I'm so proud of them! My mom plans to keep everyone informed at their new blog. Check it out!


taylor and laney said...

Two comments. 1- Your parents are on a mission?! Crazy. 2- We went our for free slurpees at 7-eleven. Sev's out here are not nearly as easy to come by as they are out west. We had to drive about 6-7 miles to find a sev, only after we googled them. And, point three, the slurpees were 7.11 oz in size. That is all.

brie said...

yes, taylor and laney beat me to the slurpee comment.


your parent's just left to chili? very cool. my parent's just came home after THREE YEARS of being mission prez's. so happy they're home!

Laura said...

So sad they will miss Eve's baby!