Wednesday, July 15, 2009

On His Way to Responsible Adulthood

Just wanted to quickly proclaim two baby milestones (mostly for me):

1) It's official. I suspected yesterday, but now I'm sure that The Frog understands "No". I'm so excited! Today he was going for the garbage can in the bathroom while I was busy washing my hands and when I said "No" he stopped his hand midway, looked at me (I gave him that "look" all mom's inherently know how to do) and he stopped going for it. Success!!

2) I might be setting myself up for disappointment, but tonight and last night, The Frog went to bed for the night without crying, AT ALL!! I put him in his bed and he just laid down, curled up into is usual ball and I left. Amazing! Now, there could be a confounding variable, which is this- last night I let him hang on to the tube of A&D his was gnawing on and tonight I let him bring my chap stick tube to bed. Not sure what it means, but perhaps he finds comfort in various plastic tubes?

No matter, this mom is ecstatic!

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