Monday, August 24, 2009

First Year almost over!

I can't believe The Frog is already 11.5 months old and his first year is rapidly coming to a close! :( They weren't kidding when they said it goes quickly! I just want to remember some of his recent milestones...
In the last month The Frog started pointing at things he wants or things he wants us to notice (he really likes pointing at the birdies).
He can drink from a sippy-cup (two kinds: one with a straw and one without) completely on his own and is interested in using silverware. If I stab the item for him with a fork, he'll put it in his mouth. Sadly, he also knows how to take off his bib, and does it regularly before he's done eating. He also likes to try and share his food- it's very cute.
His motor skills are so much more coordinated now! He really enjoys putting lids on containers, though has trouble taking the lid off and often comes to me to do it for him, so he can then put it back on. I also looked over and found his ring tower like this:
He loves to open any cupboard or drawer and empty all the contents on the floor, tasting some of the more intriguing ones on the way. Every day, he is able to reach higher and higher places- I'm running out of spots I can put things to keep them away from The Frog!
One day while reading a book, there was a picture of a baby clapping and then all of a sudden he did it too! I couldn't believe it, because I had been trying to get him to clap for several months!
He has also started waving bye-bye and hello.
He can completely climb up and down our large flight of stairs by himself. He can stand by himself long enough to drink from his sippy-cup. If Jay and I are joking about things and laughing a lot, he'll join in the laughter, even though he has no idea what the joke is. Sometimes he'll just start laughing at things I say, and I have noooo idea why.
Every day, I've been going outside and sorting through the fruit that drops from our apple and pear trees and The Frog loves to eat them. However, he is not discriminating and will try to taste the first one he sees, no matter how old and withered or worm-eaten, so I have to strategically place him near a nice one.
One of the best repercussions from our road-trip is that The Frog was trapped in his seat with few things he could do and finally started showing interest in books. He now frequently brings me books (often by putting his hands on the book and scooting it across the floor) to read to him and loves to turn the pages (almost more than he likes listening to the story) :)
And one of his favorite places to be is on one of our shoulders. On daddy, he holds onto his ears for handles, and on me he holds onto my hair.

We love you so much, little man! We can't believe how you're progressing!


Patrick, Keegan, and munchkin said...

Oh, he's so big! I'm so excited for all the things he's doing. What a blast! And, by the way, in the first picture, he looks like a little explorer. You can just tell he's going to do cool things. :)

Elder and Sister D said...

Love that little guy!!