Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Just want to show off my mad skills :)

This first one I'm not really sure what to call it... a skirt extension? Remember that brief time when it was cool to wear a shirt with lace trimming on the bottom that helped lengthen your otherwise tummy-exposing shirts? Well, I thought, why not for my too-short skirts? This particular dress is from H&M and seems fine for length, until you sit down. My little skirt-extender does just the trick.
I got this idea from here and wanted to try making one for Lindsay's wedding (since my hair is really too short to do anything fancy). This was my first attempt. Notice that I used elastic instead of ribbon.
(Thanks Jay for being my model :D ) And this is what I ended up doing for the wedding- I used exact fabric that matched the dress- J.Crew sent me a free piece :)

I also V-necked a round-neck T (from Down East Outfitters) by sewing a piece of elastic at the neckline.

And finally, just today, I finished the scrapbook cover for The Frog. I've been toiling over how I should do his scrapbook- buy an album at a craft store... make a digital album... I finally decided it would just be easiest to use a 3-ring binder so that I can add to it as I get pictures. My mom covered ours for us, growing up, so I thought it was kind of a family tradition too. Here's how it turned out.


Patrick, Keegan, and munchkin said...

Scrapbook? Amazingly cute! Just so ya know. And all the other stuff amazes me too. How useful and crafty!

LRH said...

When did lace trim on tees go out of style? I am behind the times:)

Jenny Bay said...

Wow I am so impressed with all your crafty things!! Way to go!

Mel said...

You should really become a head band designer. They are all the rage now, or so I hear.

Elder and Sister D said...

Absolutely awesome job my little big girl! Your sewing work far exceeds whatever your mom did for you kids. Way to go; and isn't it satisfying!!
Gma J

Natalie said...

Love your new haircut, you look SO cute! And nice skillz, too!