Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fall is here!

I've been loving eating fresh food from our garden. I always forget how garden tomatoes are INFINITELY better than those from the store. They taste completely different! I can't believe it!

I was a bit late in planting most things, so I ended up doing a lot of squash and pumpkiny things. Look how cute this little guy is! He's sitting on my kitchen table and I feel like he smiles at me whenever I walk by. We've also got a big orange pumpkin and a white one about the same size that are about ready to pick! I'm excited to carve them up, but also nervous because I've had such fun watching them grow and kind of feel like I'll be doing it to old friends. I want the designs to be just so. Any cute ideas?


ju said...

i love you, you little pumpkin mama! so nice to see your face today. let's do that more often, eh? srsly.

Elder and Sister D said...

Perfection! WOW! Bet it will make great pie, or cake or soup or gingered and mashed or Yuuummmm
Gma J