Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Frog Pics

A dirty day in the yard. Very typical for The Frog.
The Frog had his 1 year doctor appointment and it's amazing to see how much he can get into at the office compared to last time. He thought this stool looked like a nice little space to be in, apparently. He's still growing, though hasn't quite made it to 20 lbs yet. He's in the 5% for weight, average height and 95% for head size! Poor kid!! No wonder he's constantly bonking it on everything... his head is massively huge for his body!
I went shopping at Down East Home and ended up getting a couple vases for our hearth (50% off :D) but couldn't help but notice the cute mini, leather, sofa set. The Frog seems right at home in this lounging chair.
Now that The Frog is walking, it's extraordinarily difficult to get him to stay in the shopping cart- he insists on helping to push it. (10 points if you can tell where we are)
Fall suddenly arrived this week as the temperatures are low 50s in the morning. Sadly, I hadn't figured that out until during a morning jog and The poor Frog was very under-dressed. We cut it short and came home- I tried to put him in a snow hat to warm him up, but he doesn't like keeping them on his head. I eventually tried covering his ears with a sweatband, and it seemed to do just the trick!
"Auntie" Melissa gave The Frog this outfit as a welcome to Earth present and he's finally able to wear it! Doesn't the hat just look adorable?
And finally, The Frog has almost given up on crawling. He mostly walks everywhere now.


Mel said...

I can't get over how handsome he looks in his outfit. You have such a cute little guy!

ju said...

i know, i know, HOME DEPOT! (i win i win!)

taylor and laney said...

Home Depot? Are you kidding? Clearly you are IKEA. Helvetica was a dead give away. I would have thought Julia would have recognized the helvetica.

MommaMcCarthy said...

and the points do, indeed, go to taylor and laney.

LRH said...

hey, I was gonna say IKEA before I saw the other comments:)

It looks the same as the one in Palo Alto..fancy that;-)