Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Frog!!!

We have a bird-feeder hanging right outside our kitchen window and The Frog just loves to point at and watch the birdies, so we decided to take a trip to the Tracy Aviary for The Frog's 1st Birthday! I think it was perfect- not too big to lose his interest (like Hogle Zoo), but new and full of live animals.
"Mom! Are you seeing this?!"
Thanking the cousin for coming
Investigating the pile o' presents...
and promptly knocking them over!
Birthday Boy Daddy and Birthday Boy being a good sport and wearing the hat mom made, while eating one of his favorites- cherry tomatoes from the garden
The Frog's "Happy Bird Day" cupcakes
And a bird
Believe it or not, we got The Frog to try to blow out his candle, unfortunately, he would be a better flute player than candle-blower-outer. Looks like we have a musician on our hands ;)
Needless to say, I think the cupcake was thoroughly enjoyed.
I tried to be very good about taking video footage of his big day, but we ended up with about 40 minutes and even after paring it down to 18, I just can't bring myself to make all of you watch it- especially the semi-painful last-half where we are trying to get the Frog to open up his presents. It's amazing how a usually destructive... I mean curious, boy was surprisingly uninterested in ripping open his gifts. (It took a LOT of time to get him to do this one)
And then, as you can see, once the present was finally open, he was more interested in the paper scraps than the meticulously chosen gift. I think us adults have a lot to learn about making life interesting, no?

Regardless, Happy 1st Birthday little one!
Best first year ever :D

PS Happy 09-09-09!!


Mel said...

This is so cute. I really wish I could have been there!

Elder and Sister D said...

Daughter, I do believe you are a professional MOM, with all the trimmins'. Way to go! Gma J