Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Having Valentine's Day on a Sunday can be a bit of a downer for us LDS since that keeps us from going out to dinner on the Sabbath. So we celebrated Love-Day on Friday instead. Jay brought me a traditional bouquet of roses in a non-traditional color :) and "made" a candle-lit Indian food feast for the fam. (We looove Bombay House) It was sooo good and such a welcomed change. We rarely "eat out" because it's so inconvenient with our adventurous little Frog (and we like having him around) so it was fun to get our favorite take-out.

I also decided to try making sugar cookies for the first time (can you believe it's taken me this long?) and I was sadly not impressed by them. BUT they sure look cute eh?

I must admit, as much as I love desserts and baked goods, I loathe making cut-out cookies. It's such a time-consuming process...

make dough.
refrigerate the dough.
roll it out.
stress about getting maximal cookies and an even number of each shape out of rolled dough.
deal with shapes that are stuck to the bottom or won't come out of the cookie cutter.
stress out about moving the now cut shapes to the cookie sheet without ruining their shape.
stress out about perfect placement so as to maximize the number of shapes on the sheet while minimizing melding.
waiting for the sheet to cool before putting new cookies on it.
waiting for the cookies to cool so you can frost them without the frosting melting (shouldn't all cookies be able to be eaten warm?)

plus you have to make the frosting... in at LEAST two different colors. And if you think you can convince me to BUY frosting, you are horribly wrong.


I think in order to prevent me from becoming a burnt-out mom too quickly, I'm going to hold off on the cut-outs until my kids are old enough to want to help out. Next year? I'm going to tackle the Red Velvet cake instead :)


AngelaMuir said...

so do you remember when i was a freshman and made cut out cookies for seriously every holiday?! not only would i haul all my baking stuff up 2 flights of stairs, but i would be in the dorm kitchen for 2 &1/2 hours baking. i was that crazy freshman. the girl who is always baking cookies.(like i didn't have enough work to do) ha! but now i have it down to a science. well and they are my favorite cookies ever. it is a process, for sure, but i have some tricks ill teach you sometime :)

Keegan and Patrick said...

Your cookies are beautiful. But that does sound like a hassle. I've never made cut-out cookies, and your warnings might keep me away for awhile. :)

Mama Chick said...

Oh Lib. We really are sisters. Ha.

McCall said...

I hate sugar cookies, too. Love eating them, but hate making them.