Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bean Museum

A friend of mine from church has a little boy a few months older than The Frog and we decided we needed to do more things together, now that our boys are old enough to actually explore and play. This week we went to the BYU Bean Life Sciences Museum. I had never been and it's FREE :)
I was surprised at how The Frog actually never tried to cross the roped off areas.

The "li" is definitely The Frog's favorite specimen. He loved looking at it from the balcony above and on the ground up close.

It's hard for little bodies to only look, so I was glad they had a couple of touching exhibits too :)
Admiring the "buppo"
They had quite a few bears too.
Though O and The Frog don't actually play together much (more in parallel), they seem to get along okay, so far.
This was a favorite look-out spot.
I think the boys had a fun time, and I was amazed at how many animals they had that I had never heard of before. For being basically a bunch of taxidermy exhibits and dioramas, it was surprisingly uncreepy.

Though it would be nice to have a "live zoo" nearby, I think this "dead zoo" will be a nice, free, close, alternative. :)


Lindsay said...

Hahaha. Dead zoo. Funny. The Frog is such a cutie!

rachel said...

I totally want to visit the dead zoo. You are so clever.