Monday, February 8, 2010

Sunny February!

Though the most famous groundhog, Punxsutawny Phil (in PA) did see his shadow this year, a lot of the local ones did not. I honestly don't know if we have one in Utah, but I would guess that Spring might be coming early this year (finally!) After a dreary-gray January, February has been just delightful! The Frog learned how to say "day" because I've been opening his window every morning and, seeing the sunny skies can't help but proclaim, "it's a beautiful day!" I'm not sure if he really understands, but he often points outside now and says "day!".

The Frog is definitely getting cabin fever and now that he can open the door to the garage, I'm finding I need to give him an alternative out-door option. We've been going outside for a little bit these past few days and it's been just grand.

Though there is still snow in our yard, there is a lot of dead grass showing and I can't wait to see it turn green. I'm excited for sandboxes, picnics and playgrounds.

Here's to an early spring!

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Lindsay said...

I officially blame this post for the foot of snow I woke up to this morning... :P