Thursday, July 15, 2010

First Real Crochet Project

While on our trip, Jay's mom took me to a wholesale yarn shop and I decided to start a real crochet project. She had a really cute pattern for a baby hat and I thought a hat would be just the right size of a project to tackle. I think the picture doesn't really do it justice, but perhaps it will give you a sense.

I can't wait for our little bald woman to try it on!


Mel said...

I've been meaning to leave a comment on this one for a few days now. This is so cute! I want to make an adult one for me. Is that weird? Anyway, I think you should teach me how to do it. Let's plan another crochet gathering before school starts back up!

WalkConkies said...

SO cute, Libby! I can't wait to see your bald little woman in it either! Someday I'm going to have to have you and my sister teach me how to crochet! Glad you guys had so much fun on your trip!