Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Visiting Nanie and Gampie in MA

We just got back from a fun-filled and relaxing 2-week trip to visit Jay's family in Massachusetts, and we had such a great time! I took WAY too many photos (over 500!!!) and I'm really bad at weeding them out, so this post will be really picture-heavy and hopefully not to wordy. In attempt at not making this post take me forever to do (is it just me, or do vacations always end with a LOT of catch-up to do when you get home?) I'm going to try to briefly summarize the highlights and let you match the picture yourself. Hopefully the photo contents will be clear.

Though we spent most of our time at the McCarthy Lakehouse, we did spend some time at Nanie & Gampie's and The Frog had a lot of fun new experiences there- namely riding a tractor, driving a power wheel, jumping on a trampoline (trampoline is a new word he learned to say there), eating Jay's favorite pizza, chasing the McCarthy cat and dog, exploring their "playground" (for better or worse, he's a champ at climbing ladders now). He particularly liked pushing this fairly large dump truck down their slide. And let's not forget about all the time spent playing with their vast array of toys. Usually at home when The Frog wakes up from a nap, his first words are "all done!" or "food time!", but there he would say "pay with toys!".

We also all had a complete blast at the lake house! The Frog hasn't spent much time in the water- only really been to a pool twice- but we've been working on his bubble blowing and kicking in the bathtub so he'd be ready, and he didn't disappoint! By the end of the trip, he was willing to jump in the water from the dock and the raft with Jay, he would hold on to a noodle and kick without Jay, and he even occasionally would run into the water and face-plant, float there for a few seconds (to my horror) and then get up and smile and say "I jumped!". The Frog got to ride in a canoe, a kayak and a motor boat. He got to witness the cousins fishing for salamanders and see their success in a bucket. (I think at one point they had 8!). And when he wasn't in the water, he was chasing the dog, pushing the baby stroller, or reading books- Gampie does a really entertaining version of Little Red Riding Hood :). Without further ado, here are a glimpse of the photos, in no particular order.

A big thanks to Nanie and Gampie for letting us come out and all the yummy food (that I didn't have to prepare). We can't wait to do it again :)

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Lindsay said...

Looks like you had a blast! He is so cute in the water!