Monday, July 26, 2010

Mom-Speak and for the Love of Corn

It's so funny to hear The Frog use words that I (evidently) use often- for example he's started saying "probably" and "um" a lot recently. I've also lately been realizing that I must be very extreme in my adjectives when I speak because The Frog no longer says he's "hungy" but "starving", and things are no longer big or little but "tiny" or "huge".
This has been a very uneventful week, so I haven't taken any pictures (and I've just been generally exhausted and lazy) but Jay did think we should document this cuteness. The Frog adores corn on the cob and he insists on eating an entire ear himself. (he does a pretty good job too). Imagine how big an ear of corn would have to be if adults ate in similar proportions.

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Mel said...

Mmmmm...that corn on the cob looks delicious.