Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I've been really grateful at how seamlessly we all have been able to adjust to the new addition, especially The Frog. He often tells me that he loves her (which he never says about Jay or me) and is constantly asking about where she is, what she's doing, and wanting to hold her. Despite The Frog's great intentions, he still doesn't recognize his own strength and we have to constantly remind him to be gentle.
Thank goodness for Jay's mom coming into town (I had pictures of her holding Peach, but I did something unexplainable when I was labeling them in my computer and I don't know where they went :( ) for a week to help out with giving The Frog lots of extra attention and making delicious food for every meal and even extras for the freezer. She was one of the biggest reasons for the easier transition- the biggest reason probably being that Peach is really easy-going.
Even though I feel like I have finally mastered the art of "the swaddle", Peach proves to be a little escape artist and almost always has one of her hands by her face when she wakes up. She also often looks very posed when she sleeps. She's slowly earning the nick name of "sleeping beauty".
The Frog had a little spill while running (he mostly runs these days) through the living room and tripped- smacking his ear on the coffee table on his way down. I've never seen a bruise on an ear before! I've only heard him complain about the pain once- such a trooper.
We got The Frog a baby doll a long time ago because he seemed fascinated by babies and always wanted to get a good look at them when we saw one. He has now named it after his little sister.
The Frog absolutely loves to "hold her! hold her!", as he would say. He must hold her several times a day and loves it when she looks at him. "Eyes open! Lookin' at me!" he says. I love that he laughs every time she sneezes or pokes him in the face.


Marci McDaniel said...

I love it! You give me hope that everything will be ok when our little one joins us next month. Congratulations on your beautiful growing family!

Brooke C. said...

I love your sweet family!