Sunday, September 12, 2010

Amazing Healing Baby

Even though I risk exposing my negligence as a parent, I'm going to show you this in the name of science.
Because it's amazing!

Look at this horrid scratch Peach gave herself. (I hate trimming baby nails. It's so terrifying!)

And then look at this picture I took of us the very next day.

It's basically gone! Babies heal sooo fast!! (good thing too... she's already had a few "incidents" thanks to her loving big brother. one of which involves a toy hammer and her face...)

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WalkConkies said...

Isn't that amazing?!? I guess they are made that way to survive their mothers and their brothers :)! She is so precious! I'm glad Frog had such a fun birthday and we'll have to go to the Dinosaur museum w/ you guys someday. We've totally planned on going a couple times and then had something come up!