Sunday, September 5, 2010

n^nth Birthday!

After being such a boring age (26) I am proud to announce that I have moved on to a more interesting age. 27! Not only is it a cube, which will most likely only happen once more in my life, but 27 is also an n^n, where n=3. I know I will never be one of those again.

Jay was extra good to me this year for my birthday- made a cake and dinner and as if that wasn't enough, he gave me 4 birthday present options that he and The Frog thought of (haha) and allowed me to pick 2 of them- one from Jay, one from The Frog. It was really hard to decide- all of them being rather large and things I really want/need, but I decided to go with upgrading to the new iPhone 4 and getting a Scooba (a nice accompaniment to our Roomba). The Scooba is in the mail and Jay made the drive to Salt Lake on Saturday so I could get my new phone before my birthday. I LOVE my new phone- it is soooo much faster than my old one, I can't even believe it. It also feels good that we were able to sell my old 3G today for more than half the cost of the new one :)
This is a picture of me still getting in position to blow out my candles, a bit too late... when The Frog sees lit candles, he knows what to do :)

And in case you were wondering about the weird candles on my cake, Jay thought he would be clever and put candles in ternary (base 3) because it has a cute representation for 27 (0001).


Abaker said...

Libby you will so good for just having a baby! You sure make this parent thing look easy. I will definitely be calling you for tips and tricks when we start having kids. Happy birthday!

Mel said...

You and your mathematical references whenever there's a birthday.... Happy birthday, Lib! Looks like a great day!

LRH said...

You stole my n^n idea. I will think of it as flattery. :)
But really, there is no better way to say 27!!!

LRH said...

oooohh! DH put my binary b-day candles on my birthday cake too! Except it was base 2. Aw.

McCall said...

I love your love of numbers! Happy Birthday Lib! Let's get together sometime (and soon)!