Wednesday, December 1, 2010

At a loss for words...

After a slightly delayed flight home from Boston on Monday, we pulled into our driveway at about 11:10pm and opened the garage door, greeted by this:

Zooming in we can see this:
So, then we opened the door to the house and stepped in about 1 cm of water. It was hard to see how water got into the house, when there was a steady stream in the garage, until we looked in the last room on the first floor:

Notice the "alien pods" on the ceiling:

We turned off the water, started taking photos (for insurance), made some phone calls and put buckets under the waterfall.
All our carpets were soaked through
and puddles gushed out when stepped in.
By midnight, we had 6 of our neighbors 3 or 4 wet-vacs, mops, flashlights and a truck to get things dried as much as possible and the larger debris hauled away.
(I felt like maybe this wasn't a smiling occasion?)
The next day we noticed all the condensation. (and my hair remained frizzy from the increased humidity)

This is the desk mat under Jay's desk- sweating with water trying to evaporate.
This is the window outside the room that took the most damage. You can see the large icicles that formed on the nearby tree- probably from gushing water from when the ceiling collapsed.
After working all day, the plumber had fixed the problem and we were allowed to use our water and all electricity again.
It seems that the pipe from our water heater (which was uninsulated) was running through the ceiling of our garage, which is not heated or insulated. The first two days we were gone had a high of 21 and lows of 12 and 7. We think that one of these days froze the water and split the pipe. There were 3 breaks, one above the garage, one above the TV room, and another between the two.
Now we're living in this until our house is dried

They've already started drilling into the walls and under the cupboards so that they can shoot air behind them to prevent mold and rot from destroying our walls.

Thank goodness that nothing priceless was ruined.


Lindsay said...

Oh my gosh Lib I am so sorry. I cannot imagine the stress and emotion of stumbling into that. Let us know if there's anything we can do to help. :(

The Dummers said...

Oh no! What a disaster! I hope it all gets taken care of quickly! Thank goodness that nothing priceless was damaged! So sorry!

Abaker said...

Holy crap lady! That is the worst! What a stressful situation! Thank goodness you have excellent neighbors who came to your rescue! I hope you had a good cry though, and then got back to work, I would have. I hope everything goes well with the clean-up.

LRH said...

oh blib, how awful. Hooray for nice neighbors. And insurance!

Ryan M. said...

So sorry to hear about this! I hope that the inconvenience is minimized my speedy repair and insurance coverage! At least you have fantastic neighbors! It's like the first week you moved in & the sprinkler—except it's in your house instead of on your lawn!