Thursday, March 10, 2011

Flourless Chocolate Decadence

Last Saturday we celebrated Lindsay's birthday and for dessert, Melissa and I shared their flourless chocolate torte. It was amazing. I couldn't stop thinking about it. Not just because it was amazing, but how could it be flourless? I NEEDED to know. So, on a whim, when I saw that The Joy of Cooking had a flourless chocolate cake recipe, I had to try it.
Soooo glad I did. Definitely one of my top 5 desserts ever.  Turns out, its basically just semi-sweet chocolate, butter and eggs (you whip the whites and fold them into the other 3 melted together).  The batter looked like mousse.  (Which reminds me... another chocolatey dessert I've been meaning to try...)  The cake doesn't look that amazing, but it kind of has the consistency of those one dark chocolate truffles you can get at Costco- do you know the ones? (I can't remember the brand, but they come in a gold bag)  No need to chew because it just melts in your mouth.  Sooooo gooooood!  I think next time I will bake it in a 9-inch cake pan instead of the 8-inch because it kind of overflowed over the edges of the pan, which means I HAD to eat that part so I could get the cake out :)  (and it made a messy looking edge...)  Long story short, I think I've found my new birthday cake of choice!

PS if I didn't fear copyright infringement, I would post the recipe here. Let me know if you want a copy of it :)

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