Monday, March 21, 2011

More Pictures I Forgot to Post

I refused to buy baby shoes for The Frog.  Babies don't need shoes.  They can't walk.  Their feet only need warmth, not protection.  
Well, I got these beauties as a hand-me-down and they are one of my staple baby items now.  I don't know if other people's kids have this same problem, but socks DO NOT STAY ON my babies' feet!  The Frog finally could keep them on once I discovered the Circo, double-fold ones (Target), and once he got a little bigger, Old Navy and Walmart socks stayed too.  Not for Peach.  She has really long and narrow feet (like her mom) and I've only had ONE pair of socks (that we got as a hand-me-down and have no brand listed.  DARN) that would stay on (and they're now too small). However, put on a pair of socks with these little shoes and BAM.  warm feet!  It's been amazing!

Here's a little shot of teeth.  It's so hard to get them to show off their teeth for other people/cameras.
My little climber with my main man.
Jay got a new toy recently- a steering wheel so he can play Gran Tourismo 5 for realsies.  He was putting them on the coffee table and it wasn't doing it for him, so I built a stand for him.  It was really fun.  I felt like the dude on "This Old House".  However, it wasn't built to withstand the wheel and the weight of a 2-year old and the wood split.  (I should have added braces on the side).  Jay decided to go with a more expensive, yet durable metal one.  (It's nicer too because it can collapse).  Here's my handiwork and the culprit.

Doesn't he look adorable?
Even though none of the McCarthy's are really sports fans, we do all own a Red Sox cap.  This past week, The Frog wanted everyone in the family to wear theirs, and so we have been, for several days.  Right here, he's swapped with Peach.
The Frog got sick last weekend, and on Pi day I came down from taking a shower and I found him like this:
To give you an idea of how miraculous this is, he has only ever fallen asleep unexpectedly ONCE in his entire life.  YES- even when he was a baby.  This kid LOATHES sleeping and so when I saw this, I knew he was really sick.  Turns out he had a fever, so we spent the day bundled on the sofa, watching movies and drinking OJ.  It seemed to have worked because he was himself the next day with a little cough (that didn't slow him down a bit).  Unfortunately, I think his little sis now has the same thing.
This is actually a rather old picture, but it illustrates one of his favorite activities as of late- soaking himself with water playing in the kitchen sink.  I figured, while he's at it, why not let him do the dishes?  I gave him a bunch of (clean) non-breakable items and let him "wash" them.

We start young with the slavery around here...

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