Friday, November 15, 2013

Kid Conversation

Hazel has this habit of knocking half her food on the floor while she's eating and then being done (**clap clap**) right after I sat down just long enough to have a couple bites...

So I get her out, wash her hands, and set her down in the next room to play while we eat.

She then crawls in and eats the stuff she threw on the floor earlier.  (which hasn't been cleaned up because I'm desperately trying to eat my food before it's completely cold)

Do you remember this?  Okay good.  Enough back story.

The Frog was sitting by the front closet, putting his shoes on for preschool.  Hazel crawls over to him, clutching some floor-toast.

Hazel: (opens big) aaaaaahhhhhhhh aaaaaaahhhhhhhh
The Frog: (copying her)  aaaaaaahhhhhhhh  aaaaaaahhhhhhmfrg
The Frog: (laughing) Mom!  Hazel just fed me some toast!

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