Thursday, July 18, 2013

Say Ahh!

**spoiler alert** I am using some pictures from our fabulous trip that has not been named to prove a point in this post.

Hazel has a hard time eating when her siblings are around because, gosh darnit!  They are so interesting to watch, right?  I could often be heard saying things like, "Go play somewhere else, please!  Hazel won't stop looking and you and I can't see her mouth!!"  
Then I had the brilliant idea to have the kids get behind me and say "ahhhh" to encourage her to open her mouth.  It works pretty well!!  However, I think Hazel now thinks that's what you're supposed to do to greet people because it seems like whenever she meets someone new, she's doing this now:

An even better discovery, though, is to let them do the feeding.
Yes, more of it ends up on her face and the floor than when I do it, but now I can do dishes and feed the baby at the same time :)