Monday, March 17, 2014

Kid Conversation

Peach didn't want to be buckled into her carseat when we were going somewhere.  It's partially my fault for occasionally letting the kids not buckle up when driving 4 houses away down the street... Don't judge!  You might understand if you had to buckle in 3 kids (and then unbuckle 2 of them) every time you drive somewhere. Anyway, she asks very frequently if she'll need to be buckled up.

On one particularly passionate day for Peach, I launched into a monologue about the dangers of driving in a car and what would happen if we were to get in an accident and she wasn't buckled in and I love her too much to risk that, etc etc.  Then, The Frog chimes in:

(very matter-of-factly) "Yeah, and plus, mom's a really bad driver."

"I am not!!!"

Wonder where he heard that... **cough** (Jay!)

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