Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Kid Conversation

It was time for lunch and I called everyone to the table.  Peach rushed in first and while waiting at her seat, I noticed she was donning socks, undies and a shirt.

me:  Peach, where are your pants?
Peach: (very casually) I didn't want any...

I decided that she was at least covered in her "nether-regions", and it wasn't worth a fight.  However, during lunch, The Frog managed to somehow spill his green smoothie on Peach.  Her shirt and undies got smeared with green and though my kids are all often caught using their clothes in place of a napkin, apparently it's a big no-no if anyone else's food ends up on their clothes.  After a near conniption, Peach disappeared into the bathroom.  She later emerged wearing nothing but socks, and very comfortably situated herself back at the table to finish her lunch.

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Keegan said...

I love your "kid conversations." So fun! Where was the entertainment before kids, right? :)