Monday, March 31, 2014

Latest Camera Upload

I just uploaded the photos from my camera.  I feel like I haven't been taking any pictures lately (which is mostly true) but I couldn't believe it has been since JANUARY that I have uploaded anything!!  January?!  

I usually do it weekly.  

Here goes:
 Hazel is my little helper.  She insists on having her own rag when I clean the bathrooms, and I have to wipe down the yucky part of the toilet very quickly while she's busying herself wiping walls or cupboards, otherwise she'll try to help.  She puts her rag in her mouth, on occasion and so...  Anyway, she also enjoys helping me empty the dishwasher.  This particular picture, she wasn't actually being very helpful (but she thought she was, and that's what counts!) but now she's quite good at chucking silverware into the silverware drawer, way over her head, though she can't see exactly where it should go.  She knows where the kid dishes go and my rubber spatulas.  She even knows the cheese grater goes in the corner lazy Susan!  It's awesome!
 Peach has the cutest hand-me-down hat EVER.  She looks like she has funny rabbit ears whenever she wears it.  I guess that on this day she thought it wasn't cold enough for a coat, but it was cold enough for her bunny-hat AND earmuffs...
 I can no longer remember why this happened.  But things like this aren't actually that unusual here...
 Hazel wanted to be part of the action too and she is sooo good about cheesing it up for the camera.
 Ah yes.  She likes to have her own rag in the kitchen too...  Have I even mentioned that she's been walking for over a month now?  I totally forgot how utterly cute early walking is!  The way they pick up their feet so unnecessarily high and teeter their weight back and forth between legs...  It's quite amazing they can even do it, with all the extra effort that requires...
I love this picture because it looks like The Frog can hover.
 Mid jumping photos never get old for me...
 We've been having strangely warm weather lately and I will not complain one bit!  It's been so so nice having the kids ask to go outside again.  When it's cold and there's no snow, there is no draw for them.

 Peach and Hazel both have very fine hair (like me) and they get crazy static hair almost immediately on the trampoline.
 Hazel loves to be bounced in the arms of mommy or daddy.
 I have no idea what they were doing, but Hazel was thrilled to be invited to take part.
 Last week, Hazel has finally advanced her "moe" (milk) and now says a very gutteral and German sounding "moekh".  It's adorable!
plus, those earmuffs! :)

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Keegan said...

Ahhhh! They are adorable! Also, in the picture where Peach is sporting the hand-me-down hat, the earmuffs were merging into the hat in my vision and I thought that was the weirdest hat I had ever seen. The caption was helpful to clear that up. Also, I love the kids all barricading themselves in together. It's so fun to see the littlest one start to catch up, I think. We're just barely getting to that point where our littlest is big enough to sort of kind of sometimes tag along and copy. So fun!