Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Frozen Frenzy

I don't know if this is my fault for moving and having Frozen available on our iPads for the kids while the chaos was happening, but there is a serious Frozen addiction going on in our family.  Peach can often be heard belting the words to "Let It Go"  (or, "Don't Let it Go" as she used to sing...) and now Hazel has caught on.  I've heard her singing it to herself in her crib when she's supposed to be falling asleep.

The kids request the Frozen soundtrack in the car.  (and now that we rarely go anywhere that takes less than 15 minutes to get to, that's a lot of soundtrack time)

I don't do this often, but every time I try to sneak in a catnap on the sofa, Peach's "Fro-dar" will go off and she'll seize the opportunity to run up to me and say, "Elsa, do you wanna build a snowman?" followed by whispered instructions for how I'm supposed to respond like Elsa.

Even The Frog will chime in if someone starts singing "For the first time in forever..."

If Hazel sees a snowman anywhere, no matter the context, she points excitedly and exclaims, "Owaf!" (Olaf)  And more often than not, she is sleeping with Anna, Elsa and Olaf in her clutches.

Neither The Frog nor Peach requested to watch movies before 2 (because they never did) and even though Hazel won't sit through a whole movie, when she sees an unused iPad laying around, she will point at it and say "Watch Frozen!"

That being said, you will better understand the following Kid Conversation with The Frog.  I was instructing him from afar about how to use our new microwave while he heated up his own hotdog, and he was searching for the button that says "Power".

The Frog: (excitedly) Hey Mom!  There's a button that says "Frozen"!!


LRH said...

Ila has been going on a frozen kick recently too. She wants to watch "Let it Go" at night on youtube as her reward for getting ready for bed... :) She has only see it twice, and then months later she randomly starts singing songs from it!

Leuri Zibetti said...

Ok, so I must STILL be the ONLY person on the planet that hasn't seen Frozen, but I'm making Frozen Fleece Blankets for my grandchildren for Christmas and am donating one to a Women's Council Of Realtors silent Auction Fundraiser. I'll be making a Frozen quilt soon so the grandkids will want to come over and watch movies and cuddle with me! Maybe we'll watch the movie together?