Monday, October 13, 2014

Kid Conversation

This is a conversation I was trying to have with Peach after she ripped some coveted toy from Hazel's clutches for the 17th time that day...

Me: You should tell Hazel, "that is mine, can you please give it back?" instead of grabbing it from her and making her cry.
Peach: It's not yours, mom, Kennedy gave it to me.
Me: No.  I'm saying if I were you, I would say to Hazel, "That wallet is mine, can you please give it back?"
Peach: But mom, it's NOT yours!! It's MINE. Kennedy gave it to me!
me: No. I'm pretending to be you. And I'm telling you what I would say, pretending to be you.
Peach: Ok!  You can be me, and I can be the mom.


Keegan said...

Sometimes talking to kids is A LOT of work! :) (But also pretty funny.)

Leuri Zibetti said...

LOVE it!