Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Kid Conversation

Hazel is becoming a professional staller at naptime (and has been getting away with no naps sometimes too.  Noooooooooo) and has learned the whole, "I need a drink", "I need another song", "I need...."  routine.  One time even claiming she had glass in her foot (a glass was broken earlier that day  in the kitchen and I made everyone get out while I cleaned it up so they wouldn't cut their feet) and needed a bandaid.  Upon closer inspection, and after her pointing out the "wound" that was mysteriously moving around her foot, I realized she was more clever than I had supposed.

Another time, when she could see I was about to leave her for her nap, she requested her "miwk" (milk) and then after taking a sip she decided:

"I don't wan my miwk.  I get cabbadies. (cavaties)  I wan my wadah. (water)"

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