Saturday, February 21, 2015

Kid Conversation

Peach and were in the bathroom, me helping her change from her ballet clothes into a regular outfit.

Peach: Mom, pretend like we're in jail.
Me: (growly voice)  Let's bust out of this joint!
Peach: (growly voice) Yeah!
Me: (thinking I didn't want to teach her how to be a bad guy...)  Maybe we should try to be good guys now so we don't have to go back to jail.
Peach: Ok.
Me: But, what should we do so everybody will know we're good guys now?
Peach:  I know!  Maybe, we could go to a restaurant and when we're all done, we could say "thank you!", then people would know we're good guys!

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Keegan said...

I love your kid conversations lately. So fun! :)