Friday, March 13, 2015

Kid Conversation

So, Hazel has been wanting to use the potty for months.  MONTHS.  She will decide to go sit on the toilet herself.  I'll get up the gumption to put her on at set intervals for a couple of days... but she just holds it really long- which is mostly awesome, except the accidents are bigger messes and it's harder to catch her accidentally going when you do put her on.  So, yeah, I've decided not to push and let it happen naturally.  (aaand I really don't have time to potty train her.  How do other homeschooling moms do it?!)

ANYWAY, Wednesday night, when I had to put my kids to bed alone (again), and I was super super tired and was planning to go to bed as soon as they went to bed, Hazel decides she wants to sit on the potty like her big sister.

me: No, pleeeeaasse!! I just got you all ready in your diaper and jammies!
Peach: I'll help her mom!  [Hazel], I will always help you use the potty.  And if I'm being mean to you, [The Frog] will do it.

glad she's got her bases covered.

I left to go get some floss so I could do something productive while waiting for her and amazingly, I hear from the other room, "She did it!!! She did it!!!!"

Hazel's reaction was sooo funny - you could see the excitement tighten through her body and she all out screamed!  (it was an excited scream)

I should have known a watched pot never boils...

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