Tuesday, July 31, 2007

37 more days!

That's all I really wanted to say. Not many interesting things about 37 (feel free to prove me wrong). It is prime though (like me).

Also that I'm reading the last Harry Potter. (If you are planning to read and are nervous about me spoiling anything, don't worry, you may read on) It is dang good and it's going to be a fantastic movie, if you ask me. After having just seen the 5th, it's hard to believe I'm going to have to wait a few years to finally see the last. Jay thinks they could even draw it out into 2 movies.

It's kind of weird, but now when I read the books, I picture the movie characters, instead of who I used to imagine... actually, I can no longer remember how I originally pictured them. Can't decide how I feel about this.

Anyway, too much suspense to keep blogging. Must read.

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