Thursday, July 26, 2007


I'm not sure I realized when I ran for Senior Class VP how annoying it was going to be to organize the class reunions... what was I thinking? I've become the ultimate stalker- far beyond any facebook stalking I've done in the past... We're talking, googling people I've never even heard of and calling hundreds of disconnected numbers trying to track down some of the 550+ people I graduated with. All I can say is thank GOODNESS for the internet. How people did it before, I will never know.

Perhaps they just didn't.

Actually, if it wasn't for the internet, I probably wouldn't be spending so much time trying to maneuver through over-done myspace pages (seriously, most of these make rococo look plain), separating the useful from the useless, squinting at blurry pictures and trying to compare them to those in my 5-year-old HS yearbook. No. The internet has cursed me with TMI and NESOFOWIN (not enough simple ways of finding only what I need). In the back corners of my mind I keep thinking, perhaps they have a blog? What about facebook? Maybe a sibling on myspace? Is 25 out of 992 search results enough to check for me to be completely sure that the John Smith I am looking for is not actually going to be found online?

Perhaps it is my perfectionist genes I should be cursing.


Laura said...

I can't believe you are trying so hard. My reunion was only a handful of people, thrown together at the last minute by a sr. class president who probably forgot about it.

SoonToBeMcCarthy said...

like i said... my perfectionist genes are to blame.

lindsay said...

I found your blog...hope you don't mind. You're actually inspiring me to start my own. Anyway, the purpose of this comment was to say "Wow, and I thought I was a perfectionist!"