Wednesday, July 18, 2007

In the beginning...

I have succumbed to peer pressure and started a blog. Though I have attempted to keep a journal ever since my blue baptismal gift, the sparsity of entries in it leads me to believe this will be no different. However, facebook has been a quite convenient procrastinator for me as an undergrad, and since I have nearly abandoned it since beginning grad school, perhaps this can fill that void.

Being my very first post, I feel great pressure to produce something spectacular and incredibly perspicacious, so I will begin with a disclaimer that any such writings will be a rarity for this site. If it is insight and wisdom you seek, flee far from this spotted spot. If it is impeccable grammar and perfect spelling, shield your eyes, for I make no such promises. I just give you my thoughts.

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Laura said...

the one and only comment on the one and only post