Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Harry Potter the Last

Well, I was bewitched by J.K. Rowling by the "onicus more chaptericus" curse, and I finished the last couple hundred pages at 3:15. That is the latest I have stayed up since my over-nighter of winter finals. I think I have a problem. Between this and my obsessive watching of 24's first season (on dvd) I think I need to avoid reading/watching thrilling time consumers. Perhaps I should stick to books on cd.

Luckily, I can avoid giving anything away. Mostly because Jay finished reading it before I did, so we were able to discuss it this morning at breakfast, and I was able to get it all out. (Poor Jay... I'm not sure how he can keep it all in). All I will say is I was right about Snape.

36 more days!

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Laura said...

I so thought that about Snape BEFORE you did. :) jk. But I was right too. I think maybe we never discussed harry potter theories. But it would just be one more thing on the list of thing we have in common..1) both get mono from boyfriend, 2)are right about snape.. etc etc.

I can't believe you've succumbed to 24.