Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mac-ing It Up

I'm typing this post from a Mac! Not sure how I feel about it yet... I have always been a PC user, though I appreciated being able to check email or print on a Mac in college, since those were the computers that were always empty in the computer labs. I've always been quite proud of my PCness, in fact. However, living with a Mac-er, a very enthusiastic, avid Mac-er, has perhaps helped me have a change of heart. I admit that I am seduced by the sleekness, the lighted keyboard, and clever use of obvious names like "numbers" all exhibited by the Mac. But I have been using Windows for quite sometime and it will be an adjustment.

Now, here I am, on my very own Apple MacBook Pro. (And no, it's not one of the awesome new ones...) Given my inherent cheapness, you would be accurate to guess that I would probably never purchase a Mac, since they are more expensive for a comparable PC machine... but I inherited this from my man who did get a new MacBook. I admit, the apple key will take some getting used to, and I still go to the top of the screen when I want to scroll up, even though Apple ingeniously put both arrows next to each other for convenience purposes. I fear that all the clever features that make Macs so great, will be ill taken advantage of, since I have been using a PC for so long.

I really miss my right-click.

We'll see how it goes.

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Anonymous said...

If you press ctrl and click at the same time it activates the right click. Most useful thing I ever learnt on a mac!