Monday, October 13, 2008

Pumpkin Picking

About a month ago, Jay went off to play D&D one Saturday evening, and I found myself at home feeling extremely lonely and dejected. I hadn't noticed how exclusively my social life had been revolving around him. When he got home for the evening, and announced their next meeting, I vowed to take matters into my own hands so as not to relive that oh-sooooo-boring night without him. The result? Best Saturday Evar!

Mel and I decided to scope out a pumpkin patch in Santaquin, UT and carve pumpkins! (Fulfulling #6 of her funtastic fall activities) It was sooo much fun, even though it was unexpectedly cold. Next time I'll take gloves and a hat- really windy- but luckily I had my own personal heater strapped to my tummy. :) (The Frog was good and slept the whole time.)
Here are the winning pumpkins:

We decided we wanted to go to a Thai restaurant we visited with friends awhile back, but couldn't remember it's name or location- only that it was in an old house.  I emailed Tay the night before to find out what it was, but he didn't get back to me before we left. LUCKILY, he texted me right as we were doing google searches on my iPhone trying to find just any old Thai place, and we ended up back at Thai Village, in American Fork- two thumbs up from this girl!  The pad thai and masman curry were both delish!

So, after getting it to go and scarfing to our little hearts' content, we began the carving and the hot chocolate  (pumpkin carving calls for hot chocolate, no?).  I decided to make my family in pumpkins, and Mel helped me so she could save her pumpkin to do fun learning activities with her 2nd grade class.  By the time Mel finished carving a Jaykin and I finished my self pumptrait (haha, go me) we decided to save our Frog carving for another night to be enjoyed by the happy couple.  (that's Jay and I)  
Here's our Pumily so far:
Finally, we wrapped up the evening with a little apple pie made by my could-make-a-tasty-pie-out-of-an-old-boot-mother-in-law who so lovingly made them for us during her visit, and watched Stardust.  What an awesome evening.


Laura said...

Mel has such lovely teeth!

Mel said...

Really? You mean me? How kind!

This truly was the best Saturday ever! Thanks for letting me hang out with you, Lib. It was so fun! And my Jaykin actually is pretty cool, too. Can't wait to see you and the Frog on Saturday!

blogbud said...

I love pumpkining. Go you for planning such a fab weekend. I especially like the use of the verb scarfing, it has such autumnal connotations.

Shannon said...

Hey Libby! This is your long lost friend, Shannon :) I couldnt help but comment because I have been wanting to go to that Thai place in American Fork! We live just down the street from it and I have been wanting to go for forever. Im happy to hear it is good!

Oh and PS, your little "frog" is so stinking cute! Congrats!

Lauren Branchini said...

Warm apple cider is my autumnal comfort drink. Hot chocolate is to be reserved for snow days.