Wednesday, October 22, 2008

100th post!

Knowing this post would be my 100th, the pressure was extreme to make it a memorable one. However, I lack the desire (and ability) to list 100 fun things about me or events that happened in the last year and lack the resources to give away 100 ferraris. I'm at a loss for ideas and it's just been much too long since I've posted, so you'll all (and I will) have to be satisfied with mere recognition of this fact.

Mostly I'm just proud that I've kept it up long enough to hit 100 :)

Frog update:
I've started putting him in pajamas at bedtime, instead of just letting him sleep in whatever he wore all day. Doesn't he look adorable in his fuzzy green giraffe pjs?

He went to church for the first (and second) time: pretty uneventful exCEPT he also had his first injury.

So I'm sitting in Sunday School and The Frog makes his usual loud presentation of filling his diaper. We promptly sneak out and head to the ladies' room. Luckily, my building is equipped with a "mother's room" off of the bathroom, containing multiple comfy-cushy rocking chairs for nursing and a plastic fold-down changing table. There's even a special diaper garbage can! But anyway, I put the frog down on the changing table and proceed as usual. Now, for those of you who haven't met the little guy, he make a frequent habit of flailing his arms in unpredictable ways, and during diaper changes is no exception. This time, however, he flailed his little hand right into a conveniently placed slot in the plastic part that attaches to the wall, and got his hand stuck. He immediately let me know he was hurting and I remedied the problem quickly. Wanting to pick him up, but realizing this would be poor judgement without replacing his diaper, I hurried to finish the process when the Frog flails again and gets his little hand caught again in the same plastic slot! Who designed that changing table anyway? Are they not aware of little flailing fingers in the vicinity? Anyway, by the second incident, his diaper was on and he was quickly placated. Don't worry, he still has all 10 fingers and they seem to be working fine. (I could tell you were worried)

We gave in and have embraced the pacifier... So has The Frog.

Now, this one might be wishful thinking, but I thought he smiled yesterday. It was brief, but he was awake. Now, I initially dismissed it as gas pains, because that's what everyone says for the first few times, but I'm pretty sure he smiled twice today, so it could be for real. Pictures to come once they are more predictable.

The frog has also been spotted flexing his guns while wearing his future college sweatshirt :)

The Frog turned 6 weeks old yesterday. We celebrated by me going to the doctor and getting the a-okay to resume all pre-pregnancy activities AND to find out that I am back to pre-pregnancy weight. :) (A big surprise seeing as how my only physical activity as of late involves soothing The Frog in some way. Go breast feeding!) This is a good segue into a

Me update:

I've managed to take a shower every day :)

On Sunday, I finally cooked dinner for the first time since The Frog has arrived. I can't believe we've been able to hold out for so long! Between my awesome neighbors, my fantastic mom, and frozen pizzas, we've done well.

I've decided to stay away from dairy for awhile. I briefly mentioned an extreme diet, awhile ago, which involved avoiding dairy, beans, broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage. I did that for about a week and then decided to try eating dairy again (which is the hardest to avoid) but The Frog got gas starting the next day, so I think this could be the problem. I'm going to stay off it for awhile and try adding back the other things (not that I eat them as regularly anyway.) Wish me luck. (Cheese, I miss you!)

I went to the ward sewing group last week. It was fun, considering I was the only one there under 65. It was neat to hear the women talk about buying their house for a few thousand dollars, and what the neighborhood used to be like. Funny, but most of the women there weren't even sewing. Most of them just sit around and talk. The Frog was a big hit with them too, as you can imagine. I got to get a bit of work done on some applique I had planned to finish before the Frog arrived on a receiving blanket. Still not finished...

My wonderful friends threw me a super-fun shower, complete with the nasty baby-food taste testing, and "guess the melted candy bar in the diaper" games. Classics. The food was great, the decor very cute, and the company so fun. I think people should make up more excuses to throw showers more often.

Finally, a very unexpected surprise... any of you remember my tomato paste rant? Well, a dear friend found tubed tomato paste at a European market in Palo Alto and sent me one!!! Thanks Laura, you're the best :)


Hannah said...

I can not believe you are back to pre-baby weight already! Anyway, see you soon.

Mel said...

Hm. I'm jealous that Linds got the "wonderful" link, which I got stuck with "friends." Psh. I really should email you the pictures. Some of them are sooo funny.

MommaMcCarthy said...

yeah, i thought about this. is there a way to have two links open when you only click on one?

Mel said...

Haha. It's okay. I'm sure I'm already over it, if you could actually say I was really "under" it to begin with.