Thursday, January 21, 2010

He Speaks!

The Frog is finally big enough to climb up on chairs and sofas by himself! He often likes to sit in his rocking chair and "read". (Here he's reading Jack and the Beanstalk.)
The Frog has acquired quite the vocabulary this past month! One of his favorite words is probably "ogre" which he learned from a big book of fairy tales he loves to look at. I guess this picture made a big impression on him because every time he sees this book, he is not satisfied until he finds this picture:

The best part is, though, that he can't actually say "ogre". It sounds more like "lgolga" with some tongue clicking in there. Honestly, I can't even mimic it in person. I have no idea how he says it. Some other common words we hear are:
baby, mama, dada, cow, poo, go, boo, shoe, eye, no, nanie (Jay's mom), gi-gi (great grandma), ow, hello, bye-bye,
and some almost words are
(sorry, this is more for me to remember than to be interesting)
"chee" (cheese), "lie" (light), "lie" with a growl (lion), "dah" (dog), "tah" (cat), "she" (fish), "po" (hippo), "cha" (chair), "tah" (table), "babah" (apple), "na" (banana), "see" (cereal), "ee" (ear), "bow" (elbow), "no" (nose), "naw" (knot, like a knot in wood), "wah" (wall), "la" (water, who knows?), "la" (lid), "bow" (bowl), "soo" (spoon), "dow" (down), "pee" (plane), "cah" (car), "bah" (ball), "rah" (rabbit), "how" (horse), "go" (goat), "guh" (girl), "fah" (frog), "ow" (owl), "sah" (sock), "boo" (boot),

and probably others I'm not recalling. He recognizes almost all of his main body parts and soo many other common objects. He can even follow directions, like pick something up and bring it to me! (when he wants to) I just can't believe how suddenly this seemed to have come on! He also really loves to make animal noises, his favorites probably being monkey noises and "moo". His chicken is really funny: "ba ba ba ba".

Today he started saying "dadoo", for anything he doesn't know what to call. I'm trying to get him to change it to "doodad", because I think it would be funny and more accurate.

And finally, has also recently graduated from the high chair. Not because we feel he's big enough, but rather because he is too restless. He broke the buckle that holds him long ago (trying to get out before he should) and now as soon as we put him in, he tries to careen himself, head-first, to the tile floor. We decided it was more dangerous than helpful, and now he happily stands on a chair. (We can't get him to sit on a booster.)

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Jennie said...

Aren't toddlers fun? A handful, but fun. The last picture of the Frog totally embodies that. :) Neat that he's saying so many words! Hope you guys are doing well...