Saturday, January 30, 2010

Goin' Green

It's official. We are now a one-car family.

Never mind that we've basically been one since we moved to Provo... Jay rides his bike to work when the weather's nice and likes to walk when it's not. We went in to get the oil changed in our "spare car" at the 3 month mark and realized that we had only driven the car 30 miles since the last one.


So, even though it makes me slightly nervous, we decided it was time to save money and stop paying insurance on a car we don't use. I think we really started considering this when Jay got hit on the way home from work one day and since our car is old enough to drive itself, the damage was enough for the insurance company to consider it totaled. We still wanted to keep the car, until we realized we haven't driven it since the accident.

So today, we sold it. I have many great memories in this car. All the great looks you get for driving a pink automobile... especially when it was crammed full of guys from my department in grad school (for some reason, the few girls seemed to be the ones with the cars). I will never forget our spontaneous vacation to Reno, when the clutch gave out in the Sierra Nevadas on the way back to Salt Lake for my brother's wedding. (we had to stay over night in Reno so they could do a replacement.)

I'll never forget you Pinkerton.


LRH said...

alas! wasn't that the car that where I miraculously reset the clock?

Elder and Sister D said...

I remember when Dad drove up this ghastly newly painted purplish car, he fixed up for you girls. Your younger sister was aghast! You simply dubbed it the "Pinkerton" and it immediately became endeared to all of the women in the family.....including your younger sister! You drove it with gusto!
Those were the