Monday, January 11, 2010

Signing Success!

When I was pregnant with The Frog, I knew for sure I was going to jump on the baby sign-language band-wagon and started out very enthusiastically when he was still just 4 months old. After being fairly diligent with "more" and "milk" and "food" and "toilet" for probably a month, I realized that he wasn't even ever looking at my hands and it didn't seem to be getting in. Dejected, I gave up and luckily, he learned to point at what he wanted fairly quickly. I feel like that bridged the gap. However, though I nearly completely abandoned the food related signs, I still tried to always mention the toilet and make the sign when it seemed relevant... after all, MY son was going to be potty-trained by a year. ;) Though the potty-training didn't work out (he quickly grew to hate the toilet) I abandoned the training, but kept up the signing, and it has finally paid off.
As you can see (he can't quite make the T, so he just twists his fist) he has finally caught on and is telling me about the toilet on the cover of this book! Success!

Now if I could just get him to tell me when he needs to use it...

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Jennie said...

Hannah makes the potty sign whenever she hears Jon or I in the bathroom on the toilet. She loves to sit on her potty - WITH her clothes on (forget about getting her to do it with a bare bum). Not sure quite how this potty training works - all the pieces seem to be there, but something is obviously missing. :)