Sunday, January 3, 2010


I haven't been feeling very well the past few days- in fact, this is the first time I've even opened my computer in 3 days!! (wow! when is the last time THAT ever happened when not on vacation?)

I'm still not feeling great but I just wanted to quickly note a few things I want to remember:

1. yesterday was an eight-digit palindromic date!!
01 02 2010
thanks to my buddy C for pointing this out! :) I always love some good number-appreciation/recognition.

2. today, The Frog said his first double syllabic word!
way to go little man! I've been taking him to nursery at church, even though he's not quite old enough, (these are the benefits of living in an "old" ward) and at the end, while waiting for parents to come pick them up, they blow bubbles.
I can't believe how his vocabulary has expanded this past month! He mostly only says one syllable of the words he knows (besides bubble), but he also recognizes a lot of things he can't say. It's so fun to watch him catch on so quickly!

3. Happy New Year!
So whaddya think... will you say
two-thousand ten
something else?

and how do we now refer to the decade we just finished? The 00s? We may have to just stick to, "that's soooo last decade".

Some camera experimentation and new years resolutions to come.


brie said...

yeah, i think i'll stick with "that's soooo last decade," because saying "that's sooooo last 2000's" is pretty LAME.

if anyone loves a good palindrome, it'd be you. :)

and my first inclination is to say two thousand ten, because that's what i've been saying for the last nine years - starting with two thousand [fill in year] but everyone else seems to be saying twenty ten, and really i think that's more apporpriate, so i'll try to get with the program and go with the majority. :)

WalkConkies said...

I'm sorry about your furnace - wish we could have been around to house you! Thanks so much again for playing the piano at Drew's baptism - especially if you weren't feeling your best! Looks like you guys are enjoying the most used present in our house - Mario Bros! Drew wants to play it ALL the time - we'll have to have a competition next time we get together! Congrats on the camera! That means we need to get scrapbooking b/c pretty soon you're going to have a million amazing shots!

taylor and laney said...

It must be in the manual to blow bubbles while waiting for the parents to come pick up the children. It happens here. Henry's first two word phrase is "Go Away." He doesn't really know what it means though. Oh, and it seems as though the palindrome date is a word and number thing. Many minds can appreciate it, not just the numerically minded.