Friday, December 10, 2010

Colorful Thoughts

I delight in reading through the Sherwin-Williams paint names. The people who come up with them must have so much fun. I think I'm going to use
Downy, Biscuit, Agreeable Gray, and Radish.

Some of my favorite names are Something Blue, Frolic, Inventive Orange, Enlightened Lime, Lusty Red, Well-Bred Brown, Relentless Olive, Useful Gray. Some clever hue names are obvious- Envy, Cloudless. Some not as much- Hopeful, Noteable Hue, Ponder.

Some have caused me to refer to Wikipedia. Nasturtium, Saguaro, or Frangipane, for example.

I thought one of them said Battlefield, and thought, "How gruesome!" but then I noticed that really said Butterfield. I guess that would make more sense for yellow...

Some colors play out a scene in my mind- Potentially Purple.
Mom hue talking to little hue: "One day, if you're good, you can be purple too."

I wonder how different the color-name makers' lives are from my own.
"Oh I just love Country Squire on you, it really brings out your eyes!" Are they constantly on the look-out for good color names? I imagine they could never use regular old "yellow" and are instead forced to explain what kind. Friendly Yellow. Lively Yellow. Glad Yellow.

Tell me, if it's only Virtual Taupe, what is it in actuality?

Jay and I agree that my skin is closest to Spun Sugar. No wonder I'm so sweet :D

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Mel said...

Cute post! I enjoyed your musings on paint color names. Very clever.