Sunday, December 19, 2010

Fortunately, Unfortunately

Fortunately, we now have our kitchen cupboards, sink and dishwasher back!
Unfortunately, our old faucet had so much corrosion that it was filling in some gaps and keeping things from leaking. Removing it broke all that off and it wouldn't stop leaking when they tried to reinstall it.
Fortunately, that means we HAD to get a new faucet. It's a pull-down. LOVE. IT.
Unfortunately, when the plumber filled the sink to test the seals, all that water draining made us aware of a minor clogging that caused our shower to flood with nasty, smelly, yuck... where our hallway rugs just happened to be drying.
Fortunately, it's now fixed and the rugs were probably already ruined anyway.
Fortunately, we got our walls patched up!
Unfortunately, the sheet rock delivery unplugged the freezer in our garage and didn't tell us about it.
Fortunately, the water pouring down from the ceiling was landing right next to the freezer and caused a lot of internal ice chunks, which means most of the food was nearly still frozen, even days later.
Unfortunately, a lot of food was frozen INSIDE large chunks of ice, and the ice needed to be removed.
Fortunately, because of all the ice in there, I was going to have to take everything out and defrost the freezer anyway.
Unfortunately, all the food in the garage freezer doesn't fit in our kitchen freezer.
Fortunately, since I had a baby recently and we had just been out of town, a lot of our normal freezer stash had been depleted and we had room for everything except some cream puffs... which means I HAD to eat them :)
Unfortunately, the mudder guys who were going to tape the sheet rock seams and fill in the drill holes didn't come on Friday like I was expecting.
Fortunately, the mudder guys DID come on Saturday, which I wasn't expecting, because I was told they don't work weekends.
Fortunately, the guy who plastered our ceiling was wearing sweet stilts.
Fortunately, our project manager thinks our house can be painted by Christmas!!!

Looks like the Fortunately's win :)


Robby said...

Your optimism is an inspiration.

super awesome kt said...

I cannot believe the holiday season you have had thus far. Good luck and carry on!