Sunday, January 23, 2011

5 Month Peach!

I haven't been very good about highlighting Peach's month "birthdays", but today she is officially 5 months old! This has been a big month for her. :) She only eats every 4 hours now (as opposed to every 2.5-3), started eating solids (baby rice, butternut squash and carrots so far), can roll from tummy to back, sucks on her toes, will occasionally giggle, can withstand her exersaucer and Bumbo, loves splashing in the bath and is exceptionally cute! She's also been whacked on the head by a hammer, had big brother boogers in her eye, and teeth marks on her forehead. (Don't worry, she gets lots of sloppy, wet kisses too...)

Can't wait for the months to come!

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Kirsta and Morian said...

Lil' Peach is exactly 2 months older than Mackenzie. She turned 3 months old yesterday. It's so fun watching the older brothers with their baby sisters! So cute!