Monday, January 24, 2011

Forgotten Pics

I forgot about these pictures from last week.This reminds me that Peach looked just as adorable yesterday as she did last Sunday (this picture) at church thanks to amazing hand-me-downs. I didn't get a shot of them yesterday, but here's a sampling of last Sunday :) The Frog wears the same cuteness every week and I can't help but take a picture when they look like they coordinate. Would it be too much to get them matching Easter outfits? Wouldn't The Frog look great in a pink tie?
This picture was taken just after I caught The Frog standing for a long time with this cord up against his ear while he nodded and said "yeah. uh-huh. ohhhhh. yep!"


WalkConkies said...

They are too adorable! I hope Jack got a good nap in after Mother's group and I hope to see you tonight for project night!

Rachel Marie Gold said...

Oh, I love the little vest! I need to get something sewn for these two darlings...I love to make kids clothes.