Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Kid Conversations

I've been having a lot of these lately, but haven't been keeping track. I want to do better with that.

Yesterday, I was eating some leftover pumpkin waffles as a mid-morning snack, and The Frog was playing with his dinosaurs on the kitchen table bench and every-so-often would come over to snag a bite. Then he says to me:
The Frog: mama, can the dinosaur have a bite?
Me: Well, pretend dinosaurs eat pretend food. Maybe we should go find some pretend food for your dinosaur.
The Frog: Mom, dinosaurs eat bugs.
Me: They do? Okay, well, let's see if we can go find it some bugs to eat.
The Frog: I have some bugs in my pocket.

Then today he was going through a cupboard while I made dinner and he was going through the vitamins.
The Frog: (to himself) This one's for mommy, this one's for daddy, and this one's for me! (to me, showing me his gummy vitamins) Mommy, can I have one?
Me: No, you already had one today and we only get one vitamin a day.
The Frog: can I have one of these? (my prenatal vitamins)
Me: No, these vitamins are only for girls.
The Frog: If I was a princess, I could have one of these.

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sounds like you and the Frog might be interested in this little book ;-)