Saturday, February 5, 2011


I admit it. I really love shoes. And I really REALLY love cheap shoes. I know I shouldn't. I'll probably have major foot problems when I'm old, but wearing a pair of cute, cheap shoes is somehow more satisfying than wearing cute expensive ones... (unless, of course, you didn't pay full-price for the expensive ones. This is actually the best case scenario).

Lately, I'm loving baby shoes. BUT I haven't bought any because, well, baby's don't really NEED shoes. In fact, it's probably better for them NOT to wear shoes. But I confess, for some reason, it makes me feel that much more proud/accomplished/giddy when my darling Peach ends up with some awesome foot-covers. ('cause, that's really what they are at this point.) Luckily, I inherited some super cute ones from relatives, so I haven't had to buy any to get the most out of my treat-my-baby-girl-like-a-paper-doll needs. BUT, I went to Savers tonight, looking for a hodge-podge of random things (picture frames, lamp shades, plates...). Didn't find anything I came for, BUT I did stumble upon these:

I have no idea what size they are, because they have European sizing (**correction, I just did a bit of googling and discovered they are baby size 6. I love the interwebs!) but I am SO excited for Peach to grow into them. Sure, I'll need to get laces, but for $2.79, that is JUST fine with me.

I then went to nearby Target to find some more hodge podge of housey things, and I remembered that I've been looking for some dressy brown flats for FOR-E-VER. I perused. Had no luck with the brown flats, BUT I did find these:
Normally I wouldn't buy shoes from anywhere unless they were on sale- yes, even Target (now you know how cheap I am...) but for $12, I completely didn't mind. I never get to go shoe shopping (or really any me-shopping) anymore unless I got out at night by myself, and sacrifice time with Jay, so I thought I could "splurge" just this once.

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