Thursday, February 3, 2011


Most of our house is basically put back together, except my craft room- which has become the "I'm not sure whether or not we should keep this or we haven't been able to re-organize the home of these objects yet so i'll just put it in here" room. It's a mess!! As a result, I have done no sewing, and I REALLY want to get my kitchen bench covers recovered soon, so I've slowly been finding homes/throwing things away/selling things on classifieds, and I'm starting to see surfaces again. I stumbled upon a nearly finished project I started months ago, but it got buried amid the flood rubble until now. It seriously took my 5 minutes to finish these baby legs:They were SOOO easy to make! I just bought some women's knee-high socks on clearance at Target, and cut off the toe and heel. (I also cut a bit more off the tall sock portion because I had intended these to be a bit smaller for my smaller baby- all her other baby legs are suuuuper long. Unfortunately, it took me so long to finish them, they're nearly too short now.) I made the little "cuff" at the bottom by taking the part of the sock that goes around the arch of the foot, folding it in half, and then just seemed it to the bottom of the unfinished edge from the tall part of the sock. (now I know why tutorials usually include a billion pictures. That probably made it sound really complicated.) If I had a surger, I wouldn't need to finish that edge, but something needs to happen to keep it from unravelling. Anyway, I think they turned out way cute! And they were less than $2!

I recently realized that I don't take as many pictures of the kiddos lately because when I'm behind the camera, I can't do damage control (which means Peach will end up with red marks, usually on her face, and crying). However, every so often, the nap/eating schedules coincide just so, so that both are happy and content at the same time, and The Frog is unbearably cute to his baby sister.

Warning: the rest of this post has waay too many photos.

This is The Frog happily playing with his Ikea trains (I LOVE these. oh yeah, and he does too...) when he noticed me taking pictures of Peach's new baby leg warmers. Wanting an excuse to be in on the action, he decides that it is high time she learn how to play the harmonica. (I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but The Frog is quite the accomplished harmonica player.)
He started out by demonstrating its use, but I was too slow with the camera. Notice her undivided attention to her harmonica tutor. Now it's her turn.
Unfortunately, she can't quite reach it. I'm surprised she didn't just attack it with her mouth, which is habit she has.
Both are getting a bit frustrated, so The Frog tries a different approach.
Quickly realizing his efforts are futile, he decides to move on to something else. He continues to inform me of all the toys we have that Peach likes, and doesn't like. (He seems to know a lot about what everyone likes/needs/wants/doesn't want these days. Luckily, Peach never seems to want anything The Frog wants, even when she seems to be contentedly playing with it...) So he brings her some toys to play with.
Thinking she might want a few more options, he starts to empty our toy shelves so she can have everything at her fingertips.
Peach finally settles on an old favorite:

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