Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Kid Conversation

Exhibit A-
The setting: Last night. 2am. This is the SIXTH time The Frog has woken me up during the last 2 hours so that I could "help him put his covers back on". Caution: this conversation does not show my best side.

The Frog: (yelling) Moooooom! Mooooooom!
Me: (groggy and frustrated) What?!
The Frog: (cheerfully) can you help me put my covers back on?
Me: No. I can't. You can't keep waking me up for this! I'm exhausted! PLEASE just do it yourself. You are big enough. I KNOW you can do it.
The Frog: I can't.
Me: Yes, you can. Here, I'll sit here in the hall and watch you, but I am NOT going in there and doing it again.
The Frog: Boys can't do that, mom. Boy's can't do it!
Me: (nostrils flaring) Yes. They can. Daddy does it. You can do it too.
The Frog: Some people don't want to do it.
Me: You're right! This includes ME. I don't want to do it. So PLEASE, just go get back in bed and put your covers on.
The Frog: But I want YOU to do it.
Me: (whiny and pathetic) Well, I don't WANT to do it. I want to go to SLEEP! I'm SOOOO tired! It's not fair for you to wake me up every time you want your covers back on!
The Frog: How about ONE MORE TIME. Is that a deal?
Me: (HUGE sigh). FINE. But I'm not coming in here again tonight. Do you understand?
The Frog: (giggling and cheerful) oookaaaaaay.

I guess we can see who won there, eh? He did wake up again, though, and call for Daddy. Daddy never gets up though and The Frog eventually retired.

Exhibit B-
The setting: I have just put The Frog down for a nap. He is quiet. I think I have been successful. And then I hear tromping down the hall. I go up to investigate.

The Frog: it's weird mom. It's too weird in there.
Me: What?
The Frog: (pointing to his room) my room is too weird. (shaking head) I just can't sleep in there!

I want you to know that I won this one. He did eventually go back to sleep.


Jenny Bay said...

Haha, this is awesome and oh so familiar to me....don't worry I get grumpy & whiny in the middle of the night too :)

McCall said...

Love it! (not that he woke up you, but his choice of words, etc.)