Friday, February 11, 2011

Kid Conversation

We're reading Richard Scary's "What Do People Do All Day" and the text prompts you to ask what daddy does, what mommy does, and what your child does all day...

Me: What does Daddy do all day?
The Frog: He types.
Me: Oh! Yes, he does type. What does Mommy do? What do I do all day?
The Frog: Mommy leaves. She leaves.
Me: I leave? (glad this conversation isn't happening with a social worker....) Where do I go?
The Frog: To the hospital.
Me: Oh.
The Frog: Yeah, she goes to the hospital. *pause* (very enthusiastically) In a RACECAR!!!
Me: Oh really? Wow. My life is very exciting! What do you do all day?
The Frog: Dance. I dance.
Me: You dance, huh?
The Frog: Yeah, I a ballerina.

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